Fall 2012
Spanish C Intermediate Spanish
Government 20 Foundations of Comparative Politics
Classical Studies 160 The Birth of Modern Europe
Freshman Seminar 36x Money Matters

Spring 2013
Spanish 30 Advanced Spanish Language
Science of Living Systems 17 The Human Organism
Government 10 Foundations of Political Theory
Expository Writing 20.020 Expository Writing

Fall 2013
Government 1510 American Constitutional Law
US and the World 36 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Government 1540 The American Presidency
Government 50 Political Science Research Methods

Spring 2014
Music 2 Foundations of Tonal Music
Government 94sz Rights in Conflict
Government 97 Government Sophomore Tutorial
Culture and Belief 51 Making the Middle Ages

Fall 2014
API 105A (Kennedy School) Markets & Market Failures with Cases
Government 94qa Community in America
Music 153 Jazz Harmony (Composition and Recording)
Comp Sci 50 Intro to Computer Science (Final Project)

Spring 2015
Comp Sci 179 Design of Usable Interactive Systems (Final Project)
Government 1790 American Foreign Policy
History 1935 Byzantine Imperialism
Science of the Physical Universe 30 Life as a Planetary Phenomenon

Fall 2015
Comp Sci 109 Data Science (Final Project)
Government 1010 Survey Research Methods
Government 94LG Legalism
Culture and Belief 30 A History of Photography
Government 92R Faculty Research Assistant

Spring 2016
Comp Sci 171 Vizualization (Final Project)
Government 1011 Survey Research Practicum
Government 1360 American Public Opinion (TED Talk)