Who I am

I am a graduate of Harvard College where I studied Government and Computer Science. I was a resident of Pforzheimer House. I currently work at Wayfair on the B2B Insights and Analytics team.

Wayfair generated $4.7B in net revenue in 2017, and the B2B division is on track to be a $1B business this year. As part of this growth, I am responsible for generating insights that empower the sales team to accelerate the revenue growth of our customers. Work I have done includes:
  • Development of churn models to quantify the impact of customer attrition, and implemented outreach test at risk customers
  • Impact analysis of white labeling on trade customers (architects, interior designers, contractors) using clickstream data. Built a tool for sales agents to find white labeled SKUs based on information provided to them by customers.
  • Automation of process to identify high potential accounts to send to sales agents, yielding both time efficiency savings and incremental sales revenue.
  • Implementation of B2B data governance initiative to standardize KPI calculations across teams, improve access to data, and increase overall data literacy of the B2B organization.

I work primarily in Python and SQL, but have also have worked in HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, and C. My interests within the field of computer science are data science and data visualization. When used in combination, data science and visualization make big data more accessible. They allow policymakers, practitioners, and the public to identify important trends and takeaways that would otherwise be obscured by noisy data.

Education and Experience

James Curtin Headshot

While at Harvard, I was a member of the Harvard University Institute of Politics (IOP), where I served on the Student Advisory Council. At the IOP, I led the Policy Program–the largest IOP program by membership. I administrated the production of multiple policy briefs commissioned by the Massachusetts State Senate on topics ranging from education reform to medical device regulation.

In 2015, I finished a three-year term serving the communities of Bridgewater and Raynham, Massachusetts as an elected member of the Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School Committee. I was elected at the age of 18—the youngest elected official in either town’s history.

During the summer of 2015, I was a fellow at Harvard Business School in the Program for Research in Markets and Organizations (PRIMO). As a PRIMO fellow, I drafted an article on corporate governance at wholly owned subsidiary corporations. I am also a former White House Associate, where I worked in the Office of Presidential Correspondence (OPC).

As an undergraduate, I helped English language learners improve their skills and become more comfortable in conversational settings at the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. I also worked as a Student Software Developer for Harvard University Information Technology working with the Teaching & Learning Technologies devision.

I am an Eagle Scout and maintain membership with the Boy Scouts of America as a Troop Committee Member in my home troop. I enjoy the outdoors, camping, hiking, and exploring.

My Photography


I spent the summer of 2013 working at the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library in Washington, DC, which was recognized by National Geographic as having one of the best public gardens in the world. Spending time in the gardens inspired me to take up photography. Since then, my interest has grown and I strive to improve my skills as a photographer and capture meaningful moments in my life.

I have worked as a freelance photographer for CS50, and also do work for student groups and Harvard students. I welcome new opportunities to do event photography or portraiture for individuals in the Harvard community or Boston area.

Updated: March 18, 2018